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Who We Are

We understand an active life impacted by the trials of aging, as we’re right there with you! Join our tribe and let’s get out there and Enjoy Every Day!

Our Mission

Easy Feeling is a wellness company founded to support and enhance the overall wellbeing of our "Active Boomer" community—people over 50 pursuing a natural, wholistic and proactive approach to optimal aging. Whether you're seeking an alternative path to sleep improvement, looking for a better approach to pain management, or merely hoping to enhance your day-to-day mood: Easy Feeling hemp extract products are crafted with you and your wellness needs in mind.

Our Promise

We are committed to providing the highest quality/best value, natural, non-addictive, US-made hemp extract products—always third-party tested for added peace of mind. We are also dedicated to sharing the most current information regarding hemp extract, its benefits, uses, and precautions to ensure you’re always on the path to optimal living. We love to see those in our Active Boomer community thriving and living your best lives. As we know, age is just a number, and you really can Enjoy Every Day.

Our Team
Phil Clark
Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Phil grew up on the ice, eventually becoming a "clutch" hockey star at Yale University. Recognized as a consummate playmaker, Phil applied that instinct throughout his career in the financial services industry, and among other companies, co-founded Epoch Investment Partners, which grew from $600 million in Assets Under Management to $25 billion when he retired in 2012. Now Phil manages a variety of business interests, but mostly obsesses over his score on the back nine – which he swears has been improved by his Easy Feeling Energy Drink habit!
Ralph Fascitelli
Ralph, aka "Bulldog," is a native of New England and played football and rugby at Yale. As the son of a public health nurse and a high school baseball and basketball coach, staying fit and eating well has always been part of his DNA. Even now at 68 years old he runs and bikes over a thousand miles, and swims over a 100 miles annually. He co-founded Easy Feeling Wellness because he has experienced the redemptive and natural powers of Hemp Extract to enhance wellness.
Stephanie McMahon
Stephanie is a typical SoCal girl, having grown up barefoot on the beach, enjoying long summer days playing volleyball, running deep sand, pier jumping, and spending endless hours in the waves from Laguna Beach to Santa Barbara. She was an early adopter of the 80’s aerobics craze, and conducted fitness seminars internationally. Throughout her 30-year marketing career, Stephanie has always stayed active—skiing, mountain biking, hiking and currently enjoying the challenges of long-course Triathlon training, while championing the health benefits of hemp extract vis-a-vis Easy Feeling Wellness.
Wayne Carkeek
Director of Operations
Wayne, the "Swiss Army Knife" on our team, brings drive (did we mention all-star baseball player?) and operations savvy gleaned from his experience in the Marines, and across many functional areas in business, including operations, product development, marketing, training, and technology. Wayne is a highly motivated entrepreneur, balancing day-to-day stressors with a consistent yoga practice, running routine, and hemp extract regimen. He’s proven community builder and team leader with well-developed skills in communication, leadership, organization, management, and problem solving.

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